About Me and my journey

How did I finally become an Entrepreneur was a question I thought I knew the answer to until a couple of years ago when I had to dive into the whys of my business and my humble success while filling out the #NAWBO Rising start award application.

I went down memory lane to how it all started for me as a young immigrant who was never satisfied with the ‘status quo’. How without a high school degree I managed to land my first job in a professional environment and then put myself through school to eventually become the controller for a very success software company and then start my own business.

Success comes from a mindset that refuses to take no for an answer and continues to move forward because even when you do not have the resources, you can be resourceful enough to get what you need when you needed and at the end to achieve financial success you have to accept that numbers don’t lie!

Thank you for joining me in my journey!