The High Cost Of Disorganization

As a business owner, have you ever wondered just how much your disorganization is costing you? All that time you waste looking for things, files, or paying someone to clean up your books, research issues after you receive a government notice, or a vendor statement with a high balance? it really is money down the drain in lost productivity.

As an entrepreneur, you have to be aware of many things in your business. It is your responsibility as a business owner after all.

Here is a list of documents and things that you should keep organized:

  • Business registration (Federal and State)
  • Company bylaws for corporations
  • The operating agreement for LLCs
  • Employment agreement
  • Employee Records
  • Payroll Federal and State Filings and Payments
  • Bank and Credit Cards Statements
  • Deposit details (copies of checks received and invoices)
  • Check copies or paystubs
  • Business Tax Returns
  • Customer Contact Records
  • With today’s cloud technology, getting your documents organized is simple and easy to implement compared to the high cost of disorganization.

An organized system should be a helpful tool, not a hindrance to productivity. Stop procrastinating this very important aspect of owning a business, avoid the high costs and get to work in organizing your business documentation.

Carolina Aponte

Author: CAJA CEO | Accountant | Speaker

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