Sometimes you have to light a fire

As I drive around town and watch all the leaves fall from the trees, it reminds me that just as nature clears the path for the new season, we as business owners need to do the same in order to grow.

The questions is, what do you want to achieve? Do you want to grow your profits? what will it take? Do you want to sell new services or products? what market research have you done? You get the idea, once you have answered this, you have to take time to identify the things that take up your time and energy and prevent you from reaching your goals.

For example: friendships, social media, hobbies, clients, credit card statements and ledgers, types of services or products, etc.

Once you have identified what you are giving up, make a commitment to getting it done, light the fire to clear the ground for you to plant new seeds in fertile ground!

No better time than the present to set goals, write the plan, clear the path and start anew.

Carolina Aponte

Author: CAJA CEO | Accountant | Speaker

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