How taking time for yourself helps your business

Yes it sounds crazy when you say that by you not being in your business, it will actually do better, that it will grow, but it is true. When you have been in business for a few years and you have staff, systems and steady gross revenue, the best thing you can do is take time off.

You need to take time off to learn and grow, to figure out what goals you want to accomplish. To see your business as an outsider as to what works well, what can be improved, changed or removed for the business to flourish and for you to feel accomplished.

Time off is not just to go on vacation drinking margaritas by the pool, although I highly recommend that too! but time to go on business conferences, workshops, self-improvement studies, read a book, listen to podcasts. Any of these activities can help you find clarity and purpose.

Once you take the time off to do any of the above, you will return to your business a lot more centered, focus and ready to inspire your team to reach new goals.



Author: CAJA CEO

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