Become a person of value

The past few years have been filled with important life lessons, I guess that is part of the entrepreneur’s journey or just life. Today I will share one of lessons that has really made a difference in my business.

I once read a quote by Albert Einstein “Try not to become a man (or woman) of success. Rather become a man (or woman) of value.” Well the interesting thing about this quote is that when you pursue being of value, the rest comes along with it without effort: success, recognition and happiness.

What I realize was that having years of experience at doing something doesn’t mean that’s what people need or want. What people need is the value your experience brings to them.  So, how do you become a person of value? Focus on your own growth.

You have to be committed to on your own personal development. Ask yourself truthfully if you are really committed to your own personal growth. If you are, keep at and develop yourself every day. If you are not, you should start committing yourself to your own growth. Read, learn, get trained, take risks… do things that helps you grow in wisdom, knowledge, understanding, relationship with people, the result you command etc.

So what I learned is that the best way I can improve myself and increase my value to my clients is to always keep learning and growing.

So my question for you is, how can you be of value to others today?


Author: CAJA CEO

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